вторник, 18 октября 2016 г.

Gadgets are a man’s best friend

Do you remember that joke from the 90s? “When two men argue about who has smaller, they definitely argue about their phones”. Well, I’m afraid that doesn’t work on me. It seems that I love big phones. Especially old rotary telephones. Aren’t they beautiful? The shape, color, curly wire. I love the sound of rotary dial mechanism, even screaming sound of ringer bell. That’s not a modern smart brick, no program cheating, all real and tangible.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Android developer, I use and love modern gadgets. At the same time as an engineer I feel respect and admiration for old devices.
So with all due respect I took an old rotary dial telephone and gave it a new life. With Arduino UNO controller, GSM shield and rechargeable batteries.
To make my new phone special I saved its original sound. I mean the sound of its bell set, carbon microphone and rotary dial mechanism.
Here is my detailed instructable.

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